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Cloud Storage - SFTP Gateway
Turn Dropbox into a SFTP server. Couchdrop works with your storage

Users and Access Controls
Configure additional users, read only accounts and complex permissions

Developer Friendly
Learn about our API, webhooks and integrations

Virtual Data Room
The data room includes an upload/download portal, secure links and other features
to help clients send you data

Customisable and Enterprise Ready
Dedicated instances, whitelabelling and enterprise security features

Security Center
Security Overview GDPR Compliance HIPAA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions
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The Enterprise Ready SFTP Server

Couchdrop is secure, scalable and can be whitelabelled and customised to your requirements.


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Bring Your Own Domain

Couchdrop allows customers to bring there own domain for our SFTP and FTP endpoints. This is a simple and easy way to make Couchdrop your own. 

hosted ftp

Whitelabelled Web Portal

Included in the enterprise plan is complete whitelabelling of the Couchdrop admin interface, and upload/download portal.

hosted cloud sftp ftp

Dedicated POP and Nodes

If you have significant or tricky uptime, performance or security requirements, the Couchdrop team can deploy your own cluster of dedicated nodes. 


This deployment will be exclusively your own and can be sized, spec'd and located in your own data center if desired. 

Redundancy and Security 

Couchdrop has data centers around the globe, providing a level of redundancy and localisation that keeps your data secure and available 24/7.

We look after hosting, maintenance and updates so you can focus on doing what you do best.


HIPAA Compliant

Couchdrop supports the healthcare industry by complying with HIPAA. If you need a BAA, we can look after that as well. 


Secure Health File Transfer

HIPAA sftp ftp

Support Thousands of Users

Scalable to thousands of users, Couchdrop can make quick and easy work of working with large groups of users and can be customised and integrated with external authentication platforms if needed. 


scalable sftp


Enterprise Grade Auditing 

Full detailed auditing on files, users and interactions. Filter on login events, or drill down into all operations that have taken place on a specific file. 


Couchdrop's auditing provides visibility, accountability and traceability on your files and in a way no one else does. All while the data sits safely in your own storage platform.

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