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Couchdrop SFTP
SFTP built for the Cloud

Couchdrop Automate
File automation and workflows to simplify backend file transfers

Couchdrop Inboxes
Simple & secure file retrieval and sharing with Couchdrop Inboxes

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Bring the cloud to your File Server


Automate, Transfer and Interact with your file server by turning it into a cloud service. 

File Server Gateway

Without having to expose your file server to the world, simply run Couchdrop's agent and turn your File Server into a fully functioning cloud file transfer service. 

Enable access to your file server via SFTP, FTP/S, API, Secure Upload Portal, S3 and more through Couchdrop's cloud gateway.



file server gateway


file server automation and workflows


Remove manual processes and scripts with a modern approach to automate secure file transfers and workflows with your file server.


Simplify your file transfers by automatically exchanging files to and from your file server and other endpoints, encrypt/decrypt with PGP, route files to different folders based on conditions and more. 

We've got your security covered

Forget opening your file server up on port 22 or having to manage outdated software, legacy dependancies or maintenance.


Couchdrop is a fully cloud hosted service and acts as your application and firewall gateway to your server. Couchdrop is SOC2 compliant and takes security and compliance seriously. 

secure file server gateway


Automate transfers between old and new

Utilising Couchdrop's agent you can easily create automated file transfers between your cloud storage, SFTP servers and your file server. Built to remove barriers for your secure critical file workflows.

Secure Web Portal

Request files and securely share files with the world right from your file server using Couchdrop's Inboxes. Custom branded portals where you can share files with external organizations, or retrieve files from a third party direct to your server.


secure file server gateway


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