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Cloud Storage - SFTP Gateway
Turn Dropbox into a SFTP server. Couchdrop works with your storage

Users and Access Controls
Configure additional users, read only accounts and complex permissions

Developer Friendly
Learn about our API, webhooks and integrations

Virtual Data Room
The data room includes an upload/download portal, secure links and other features
to help clients send you data

Customisable and Enterprise Ready
Dedicated instances, whitelabelling and enterprise security features

Security Center
Security Overview GDPR Compliance HIPAA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions
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User and Access Security Controls


Couchdrop provides granular user access controls that can be shaped to your use case or organisation. 


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Simple User Access Controls

Couchdrop allows administrators to create additional user accounts with very granular controls. Additional users can be limited in functionality, isolated to a certain folder and read or write only.

RSA Keys
RSA keys can be used rather than password authentication.
Folder Isolation
Users can be sandboxed to a particular folder.

IP Restrictions
Users can be limited to a single IP address or network.
Granular Service Controls
Users can be limited to certain services.

Auditing and Logging
Couchdrop provides full audit logging and notifications.
Download/Upload Portals
Users can sign in via the upload and download portal to securely send and receive files without having to use SFTP or other systems.

Firewall and Protocol Restrictions

Limit access to certain protocols and lock down your SFTP server to certain IP addresses. Couchdrop gives administrators easy protection and control over data access. 

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2FA for Web Access

Two-factor authentication can provide administrators a second level of account protection against unauthorised access.


sftp 2fa ftp


Super Easy Management 

User and access management is done through our simple web admin interface. No more editing configuration files, creating user root directories and getting your hair in a twist.

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Dedicated Instances Available


Couchdrop can also provide dedicated instances for an additional level of security and protection. Dedicated instances can be run in a cloud environment of your choice and do not utilise shared resources.

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