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Cloud Storage - SFTP Gateway
Turn Dropbox into a SFTP server. Couchdrop works with your storage

Users and Access Controls
Configure additional users, read only accounts and complex permissions

Developer Friendly
Learn about our API, webhooks and integrations

Virtual Data Room
The data room includes an upload/download portal, secure links and other features
to help clients send you data

Customisable and Enterprise Ready
Dedicated instances, whitelabelling and enterprise security features

Security Center
Security Overview GDPR Compliance HIPAA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions
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Virtual Data Room


Couchdrop can be used as a virtual data room with shared links, an anonymous upload portal and secure email attachment based uploads. The perfect tool for collecting documents from clients securely.


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Secure Web Based File Transfers

While we don't want to reinvent the wheel, Couchdrop does also offer an upload and download portal for sharing and retrieving files in a browser.  It's a complementary feature that enables users who do not want to use SFTP, can still send and receive files.

Receive and Retrieve Files

The Couchdrop Upload Portal is a simple way to upload files with just a link or a username and password. Email attachments can also be used, with a mailbox being supplied for a particular folder.

Access is secure and external users cannot view files that have been uploaded by others. 

secure file transfer virtual data room


Share Files and Folders

Shared links offer a secure way to share files with clients or customers.

Links can be password protected and have a specific expiry

share files via SFTP ftp


Automatic Expiry
Shared links can be configured to expire after a set timeframe.
Password Protection
A password can be configured on a shared link, this adds an additional level of security.
Folders and Files
Couchdrop shared links can be for a single file or entire folder structure.

Password Protection
Optional Password protection on uploads and downloads
Folder Isolation
Uploads and downloads are restricted to a specific folder that you can set anywhere inside the Couchdrop VFS.
Auditing and Logging
Get notified when files are uploaded or downloaded.

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