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Couchdrop SFTP as SaaS -
Secure by design

With Couchdrop’s SaaS SFTP, we handle all of the infrastructure management and maintenance for you. This includes security management, with several protocols and safeguards in place to ensure your data is always secure.

No infrastructure to manage

As a true SaaS platform, Couchdrop handles all the infrastructure management for you. This means no spinning up virtual machines or software installation. Couchdrop scales automatically to meet your needs.

No data storage

Couchdrop never stores your data and meets HIPAA and SOC 2 standards. Connect your own storage and use Couchdrop for secure automated file transfers in real time between your existing storage platforms.

Automatic updates, patching, vulnerability management

All updates, patching, and vulnerability management are handled by our team. You never have to manually install updates or patches or handle any other aspects of infrastructure security.

How the product keeps your data safe

Couchdrop has been built to provide comprehensive access and security controls out of the box

SSO support for a secure and streamlined sign in experience

MFA/2FA support

Automatic lockout after several failed login attempts

Your data is encrypted at rest

Built in suspicious behavior alerting

Comprehensive audit logging

Granular audit controls

You always have full control of your data

Secure password policies

Ability to choose a specific data region

Security Certifications

Couchdrop meets several security compliance standards so you can be confident that your data will be handled properly.




For more information on security including white papers, compliance reports, and monitoring, see our Trust Center.

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