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Simple, secure file transfers for Healthcare

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Simplify your healthcare file transfers with Couchdrop’s easy-to-use web interface. The managed file transfer platform offers flexibility, efficiency, and versatility to secure file transfers.

Couchdrop is an excellent option for healthcare companies and has many users from healthcare who use it regularly to handle the unique challenges the industry faces.

doctor using an ipad

Using Couchdrop as a healthcare organization

Transfer HIPAA files with confidence with Couchdrop

With Couchdrop, transferring large or uncommon file types is no problem. Files like HL7 or large DICOM imagery can be too much for some platforms, but isn’t an issue with Couchdrop.

Automations can also keep up with the busy healthcare environment. Files can be sent on a set schedule or moved between multiple storage platforms on upload so files quickly end up where they need to be. Advanced security protocols such as PGP Encryption further protects healthcare information to help ensure it stays safe, and can be added as part of an automation workflow.

Couchdrop also offers a HIPAA-compliant solution for users who are looking to use an MFT Platform for HIPAA data.

No data stored by Couchdrop

Comprehensive access reports

HIPAA compliant infrastructure

BAA included for HIPAA customers

Why choose Couchdrop?

Couchdrop is a secure, scalable and modern SFTP and file transfer platform built for streamlined setup.
It's an SFTP server that just works.

SFTP server as SaaS

Couchdrop is a Cloud SFTP server that connects to your existing storage. Instantly deploy SFTP on top of Google Drive, Box, SharePoint and other cloud storage platforms.

Data privacy and security

Couchdrop never stores your data and meets HIPAA and SOC2 standards. All updates and maintenance is handled for you by professional technicians.

Dedicated support

Couchdrop has a dedicated support team of technicians who are experts in the product. Get fast, dedicated, and personalized support by contacting our support team at any time.

Access our HIPAA white paper

HIPAA compliance for cloud service providers

Download our HIPAA white paper for more information on HIPAA compliance and Couchdrop.

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“Outstanding SFTP/MFT solution that integrates with your own cloud storage provider!”

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“The technical support is fantastic, always willing to help and resolve the issues quickly.”

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“Flexible, Scalable and Instant SFTP solution for the modern era.”

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“Couchdrop allows our newer tech stack based on real-time events to work with our customer’s older tech stacks that are dependent on SFTP.”

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“Couchdrop is very easy to setup and maintain. The solution just works.”

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Built to strict security standards

All Couchdrop transfers are encrypted and meet strict security standards to keep your data secure. Your data is never stored either at rest* or in transit, giving you full control.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted file transfers

Granular access controls

SSO support

Detailed reporting and alerting

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*Data is stored at rest when choosing Couchdrop’s Hosted Storage option.

HIPAA compliance for file transfers

Couchdrop meets HIPAA compliance standards and includes a BAA for all customers requesting to use the platform with HIPAA data.

Couchdrop and HIPAA

While there’s no specific HIPAA compliance for file transfers, SFTP servers that “use AES-256 symmetric cryptography for stored data and protect transmitted data using a RSA 2048 bit key” meet NIST and HIPAA standards according to HIPAA Journal.

Couchdrop meets these minimum requirements for file transfers with HIPAA data. Our unique approach of not storing data and integrating with external Cloud Storage engines like AWS S3 ensures that customers have complete control over their data.

HIPAA-compliant architecture

Couchdrop has a dedicated HIPAA-Compliant Architecture designed to be used exclusively for customers moving HIPAA data. This architecture differs from Couchdrop’s standard architecture in a few noticeable ways.

One difference is that HIPAA data uses dedicated compute nodes located in the United States which are used exclusively for HIPAA customers. Data is processed in San Francisco and never leaves the United States.

Couchdrop’s HIPAA cluster is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) due to their HIPAA-compliant options. AWS will designate accounts specifically as HIPAA accounts and meets FedRAMP and NIST 800-53 that map to the HIPAA Security Rule. AWS also has a standard BAA for HIPAA clients as required for CSPs.

Case Study: Inzata

“A catch all for 100% of the things we need to use SFTPs for.”

Inzata is a data analytics platform, and its customers submit data in all sorts of different formats – Excel files, CSVs… the works. They had a way of receiving flat files for data pipelines through FileZilla, but non-tech minded customers couldn’t use it easily and it was labour intensive.

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