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The instant SFTP solution that works with your storage

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Simple, powerful, and versatile file transfers

Simplify your file transfers with Couchdrop, the cloud-based SFTP and Managed File Transfer solution that connects to your existing platforms. Start moving and automating file transfers between cloud storage, file servers, and other systems in minutes.




Cloud SFTP

Couchdrop’s cloud-based SFTP connects directly on top of your storage such as Dropbox, SharePoint, Google, or on-premises file servers.

Your SFTP server is created instantly during sign-up, and management like adding users and changing permissions is all done in the simple web interface.

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Improve efficiency by moving files between your storage platforms automatically. Automations can be set to trigger on a regular schedule or based on actions like file uploads or downloads.

Couchdrop supports advanced automation actions such as PGP Encryption and Decryption, multistep automations, and webhook support.

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Secure Inboxes

Accept files from customers, partners, suppliers, and more with a white labeled Secure Inbox, with options to be notified by email when a file is received.

The Secure Inbox connects to a folder in your existing storage that you designate during setup, and Couchdrop allows for multiple Inboxes if you need to accept files at different storage locations.

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Why Couchdrop?

SFTP server as SaaS

Couchdrop is a Cloud SFTP server that connects to your existing storage. Instantly deploy SFTP on top of Google Drive, Box, SharePoint and other cloud storage platforms.

Data privacy and security

Couchdrop never stores your data and meets HIPAA and SOC2 standards. All updates and maintenance is handled for you by professional technicians.

Dedicated support

Couchdrop has a dedicated support team of technicians who are experts in the product. Get fast, dedicated, and personalized support by contacting our support team at any time.

“Outstanding SFTP/MFT solution that integrates with your own cloud storage provider!”

Marcus – G2 Review

Secure and reliable back-end file transfer

SFTP made simple

Simplify your file transfers with Couchdrop, the cloud-based SFTP and Managed File Transfer solution that connects to your existing storage. Start moving and automating files between cloud storage, file servers, and NAS devices in minutes.

Bridge technology gaps

Couchdrop bridges the technology gap between legacy and cloud platforms and applications, allowing data exchange and automation between users, organizations, and business partners. Bring data processes from old systems into the cloud without the stress.

Reliable B2B file exchange

Use Couchdrop for reliable B2B file exchange. Transfer files between partners, suppliers, associates, and other organizations quickly, safely, and reliably. Automate B2B file exchanges and simplify workflows with fast and secure automated file transfers.

Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies, Banks and Healthcare Providers


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G2 Medal Best Support Winter 2023 G2 Medal High Performer Winter 2023 G2 Medal Easiest to do business with Winter 2023

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Built to strict security standards

All Couchdrop transfers are encrypted and meet strict security standards to keep your data secure. Your data is never stored either at rest* or in transit, giving you full control.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted file transfers

Granular access controls

SSO support

Detailed reporting and alerting

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*Data is stored at rest when choosing Couchdrop’s Hosted Storage option.

Case Study: Contrast Technologies

“Knowing how easy it was, we should have done it sooner.”

“The beauty of it is it blends old world tech with new world tech. We can integrate and talk to legacy protocols but in the back end we’re using the newest tech around file storage. Having that blend is really unheard of.”

Product features

Scalable, modern architecture

Couchdrop scales to meet your needs, automatically. There’s no need to manage virtual machines or calculate required compute power. Couchdrop handles it all for you.

Multiple transfer protocols supported

Couchdrop MFT allows for several transfer protocols in one place including SFTP, FTP, SCP, and more. It can also connect to remote SFTP servers and add those servers as a storage integration.

Granular user permissions

Add and configure each user in Couchdrop’s web interface with granular user permissions. Users can be restricted access to specific folders, services, and features and can be updated as needed.

SFTP: Encrypting or Decrypting Files with PGP

Featured blog post

SFTP: Encrypting or Decrypting Files with PGP

Couchdrop can add additional security to your file transfers by encrypting or decrypting files with PGP through Couchdrop automations.

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