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SFTP was never made for the Cloud.
We changed that.


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Meet Couchdrop

Couchdrop is the Data Moving Company. Couchdrop's platform has been built from the ground up to support and enable simple mission critical file transfers in the cloud.


Make moving data easy. Couchdrop makes it incredibly simple to move your SFTP workloads to the cloud – all without infrastructure.

Cloud First

Built in the cloud, for the cloud – Couchdrop integrates directly with modern cloud storage platforms to augment them with SFTP, Inboxes and File Automation.


Not just a word, security is baked in. Couchdrop is built on modern technology stacks and is hardened by design so you can rest assured your data is safe.

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Couchdrop SFTP

SFTP Server as SaaS

The Cloud SFTP server. Instantly deploy SFTP on top of Dropbox, SharePoint and other cloud storage platforms.

Fully hosted, scalable, redundant and built with security in mind.

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cloud sftp automation

Couchdrop Inboxes

Collect and Share Files

Collect files from partners, customers and stakeholders using Inboxes. Couchdrop's Inboxes provides a secure and simple way to exchange files via the web.

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Couchdrop Automate

Automate File Transfers

Automate file transfers and operations between cloud platforms, file servers, third party systems and organizational boundaries.

Couchdrop Automate makes critical, high frequency, secure transfers and automations a breeze. No coding required.

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SFTP that works with the Cloud

Couchdrop integrates directly with your cloud storage. No syncing, just direct and native support for over 30 different cloud storage platforms. Couchdrop extends your existing cloud storage and server with SFTP and powerful file transfer automation.

Built to strict security standards

Couchdrop maintains strict security standards and works hard to ensure your data is secure.

→ SOC2 and HIPAA compliant
→ Regular penetration testing
→ Granular access controls
→ SSO support
→ Detailed reporting and alerting

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Why innovative companies use Couchdrop

Couchdrop is the Data Moving Company. Couchdrop's platform has been built from the ground up to support mission critical file transfers in the cloud.

managed file transfer

Moving data is easy; establish a reliable cadence of data, complete ad-hoc transfers or both — all without managing infastructure.

ftp as a service

Complete critical file transfers and exchanges through Couchdrop's secure pipeline — and your cloud.

sftp as a service

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