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Meet Couchdrop. The Cloud SFTP Server

Couchdrop is the leading Cloud SFTP server delivered as a SaaS platform. Modernize your SFTP and file transfer server in the cloud with Couchdrop and use SFTP and FTP on top of cloud platforms like Sharepoint and S3.

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SFTP Simplified and Modernized

Simplify your file transfers with Couchdrop, the cloud-based SFTP and Managed File Transfer solution that connects to your existing platforms. Start moving and automating file transfers between cloud storage, file servers, and other systems in minutes.

One-Click SFTP Server

Couchdrop’s cloud-based SFTP server works with your cloud storage such as Dropbox, SharePoint, Google, or on-premises file servers.

Your SFTP server is created instantly during sign-up, and management like adding users and changing permissions is all done in the simple web interface.

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No-Code Transfer Automations

Common data transfer tasks are simplified, automated and secured with Couchdrop without the need for complicated scripting and cronjobs.

Couchdrop MFT Transfer Automations make it super easy to reliably automate the transfer and sync of files across platforms and servers.

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Inboxes and Mailboxes

Accept files from customers, partners, suppliers, and more with a white labeled Secure Inbox, with options to be notified by email when a file is received.

The Secure Inbox connects to a folder in your existing storage that you designate during setup, and Couchdrop allows for multiple Inboxes if you need to accept files at different storage locations.

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SFTP for Cloud Storage

We integrated with SharePoint, Dropbox, and S3, along with 30+ other platforms to bring SFTP to your cloud storage platform. Couchdrop works best when it’s used on top of your existing storage, allowing you to keep data in the right place.

Built to strict security standards

All Couchdrop transfers are encrypted and meet strict security standards to keep your data secure. Your data is never stored either at rest* or in transit, giving you full control.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted file transfers

Granular access controls

SSO support

Detailed reporting and alerting

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*Data is stored at rest when choosing Couchdrop’s Hosted Storage option.

Case Study: Contrast Technologies

“Knowing how easy it was, we should have done it sooner.”

“The beauty of it is it blends old world tech with new world tech. We can integrate and talk to legacy protocols but in the back end we’re using the newest tech around file storage. Having that blend is really unheard of.”

Try Couchdrop free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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