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Meet the Managed SFTP Server made for the Cloud

Say goodbye to complex SFTP setups and hello to Couchdrop's cloud-based SFTP server. Securely connect and transfer files to and from all modern cloud storage platforms.

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Experience SFTP as a Service

Couchdrop was built as a hyperscale, modern and zero-infrastructure managed SFTP and FTP server, built to make it easy to automate the transfer of files using SFTP and FTP. We've engineered Couchdrop to simplify the management of SFTP servers and workloads and to integrate directly with cloud storage to allow SFTP and FTP to Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google drive and over 30 different storage platforms.

Truly cloud-first SFTP at the click of a button.

Couchdrop's SFTP server dashboard

One-Click Deploy

Zero infrastructure

Connects to your cloud

The SFTP Server with Zero Infrastructure

Couchdrop SFTP is a Cloud Native hosted SFTP server deployed as a SaaS service. Leave the servers behind and move your SFTP/FTP workloads to the cloud.  

No infrastructure to deploy

Global data centres

24/7 access and redundancy

No maintenance and updates

Unlimited storage

The SFTP/FTP Server that works with your Storage

Couchdrop works with your existing storage. Connect Dropbox, SharePoint, Google, and others and directly allow access via SFTP. The Couchdrop agent connects to on-prem servers and allows you to move files between your server and your cloud storage.

Over 30 storage integrations supported

The SFTP Server that's Simple to Setup & Manage

Tired of wrestling with complicated config files? So are we. That's why we've designed Couchdrop to be effortlessly manageable, eliminating the need for complex configurations. With our intuitive, secure, browser-based admin interface, managing Couchdrop is a breeze. Say goodbye to unnecessary complexity and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Easy web-based management

SSO and MFA supported

Fully featured API

Built to strict security standards

All Couchdrop transfers are encrypted and meet strict security standards to keep your data secure. Your data is never stored either at rest* or in transit, giving you full control.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted file transfers

Granular access controls

SSO support

Detailed reporting and alerting

Security & privacy →

*Data is stored at rest when choosing Couchdrop’s Hosted Storage option.

Try Couchdrop free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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