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Features/Product |
Cloud Storage - SFTP Gateway
Turn Dropbox into a SFTP server. Couchdrop works with your storage

Users and Access Controls
Configure additional users, read only accounts and complex permissions

Developer Friendly
Learn about our API, webhooks and integrations

Virtual Data Room
The data room includes an upload/download portal, secure links and other features
to help clients send you data

Customisable and Enterprise Ready
Dedicated instances, whitelabelling and enterprise security features

Security Center
Security Overview GDPR Compliance HIPAA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions
Pricing |

Plans and Pricing


Couchdrop is a monthly subscription service. We provide a free 14-day trial without a credit card and can tailor plans for you.



Minimum 5 User Commitment
+14-Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required

- 500Gb monthly transfer
- 500GB hosted storage
- Bring your own storage
- SFTP, FTP/S, S3, Rsync, Web
- Secure web portal
- 2FA for web users
- Email alerting
- 30 day log retention



Minimum 5 User Commitment
+14-Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required

- 1Tb monthly transfer
- 1TB hosted storage
- Bring your own storage
- SFTP, FTP/S, S3, Rsync
- Secure web portal
- File Automation and Workflows
- Scheduled import from SFTP & platforms
- 60 day log retention
- SFTP domain customization
- 2FA for web users
- Firewall controls
- Hardened security options
- REST/JSON API available
- Webhooks and email alerting

Business Associate Agreement

+ $120.00/month

Required for HIPAA compliance



30 Day Free Trial

Need something a little different? Volume Discount for Users? 24/7 Support? Dedicated Instances? Whitelabelling?

Send us a message and we can customise a plan to suit your needs.

Email sales@couchdrop.io

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