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Plans and Pricing

Couchdrop is a monthly subscription service. We provide a free 14-day trial without a credit card and can tailor plans for you.

Basic Plan


5 users included

Cloud SFTP
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5 users, transfers or inboxes included
Everything in Basic, and:
Automation & Workflows
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A customizable, scalable plan for hundreds of users, automations and to meet your specific use case.
Everything in Standard, and:
Volume user/automation discount
Dedicated geo-diverse POPs
24/7 premium support
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Plan and Feature Matrix

View the features and differences between each plan below.


Launch Trial


Launch Trial


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Core offerings

Basic usage options for each plan.

Minimum user/automation commitment

5 users included 5 users, automations or inboxes included -

Additonal usage pricing

$9.99/month/user $17.99/month/user, transfer or inbox Scalable

Hosted storage

Additional storage charged at $60/TB
500GB 1TB Unlimited

Monthly data transfer

Additional data transfer charged at $75/TB
500Gb 1Tb Unlimited

Platform Integrations

Couchdrop works with your existing cloud storage. Dropbox, SharePoint, S3 you name it.

Cloud storage (SharePoint, Google Workspace, Dropbox, etc.)

Block storage (Amazon S3, Wasabi, Backblaze, etc.)

File server connectors (SFTP, Windows, MacOSX, etc.)

SFTP Server

Turn your cloud storage into a fully functioning SFTP server.

FTP, FTP/S, SFTP, SCP, Rsync, S3 support

Additional file transfer users

User root folder isolation

IP firewalling

Disabling of insecure protocols (i.e. FTP)

Username & password authentication

Username & key authentication

Username, password & key authentication

Bring your own hostname

Max file upload size

By default Couchdrop has a 20GB file size upload. This can be increased at an additional monthly cost.
20GB 20GB 1TB

Static IP

Additional fees apply. Dedicated infrastructure required.
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Contact Sales
Contact Sales


Automatically exchange files or take action on files.

No-code event based automation

No-code scheduled automation

Automatic file expiry

Scheduled actions

(move, copy, delete, decrypt, etc.) on a schedule between systems/platforms

PGP encryption / decryption

File compression

File renaming

Inbound webhooks

Trigger automations from other systems.


Notify users and groups when files are uploaded or downloaded via email or webhooks.

API Access

Manage Couchdrop via our JSON rest API.


Secure file retrieval and sharing through web portal or email.

Secure web portal

Receive files through a upload portal that requires credentials.

Anonymous web upload portal

Secure file retrieval through a simple drop portal.

Email file retrieval

Pull email attachments directly into your storage platform.

Form data collection

Collect additional data with your file uploads to be used to sort or take action on the files.


Automate actions on the files based on data collected from the web form.

Custom branded portal

Brand Couchdrop's portals with your own branding. Additional pricing applies.
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Contact Sales

Secure shared links

Securely share files from your storage with full auditing and control.

Inbox and shared link expiry

Password shared links


General administration functionality.

Email alerting


Azure AD SSO, Okta and SAML integration


Global firewall controls

Advanced file operation permissions

Compliance and Security

Security and compliance features and options.

Comprehensive auditing

File transfer events, login events, admin events

Data retention

The period that Couchdrop retains logging and audit based data.
6 months 6 months
As required

GDPR data processing agreement (DPA)


Additional pricing applies.
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Contact Sales

Encryption in-flight and at-rest

Shared link expiry and password global enforcement

User expiry

Public infrastructure

Access to Couchdrop's US, CAN, EU and AU infrastructure.


Custom enterprise only options.

Dedicated infrastructure (POP)

Couchdrop can stand up dedicated geo-diverse infrastructure if required.
- - Contact Sales

Premium support

24/7, 30 minute response support
- - Contact Sales

Malware and antivirus scanning

Dedicated infrastructure required.
- - Contact Sales

SFTP that works with the Cloud

Couchdrop integrates directly with your cloud storage. No syncing, just direct and native support for over 30 different cloud storage platforms. Couchdrop extends your existing cloud storage and server with SFTP and powerful file transfer automation.

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