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Couchdrop SFTP
SFTP built for the Cloud

Couchdrop Automate
File automation and workflows to simplify backend file transfers

Couchdrop Inboxes
Simple & secure file retrieval and sharing with Couchdrop Inboxes

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Plans and Pricing


Couchdrop is a monthly subscription service. We provide a free 14-day trial without a credit card and can tailor plans for you.

Standard Plus


+14-Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required

- 5 file transfer users included
-- $9.99/month/additional user

- 500Gb monthly transfer
- Bring your own storage
- 500GB Couchdrop hosted storage
- SFTP, FTP/S, S3, Rsync, Web
- Secure web portal
- 2FA for web users
- Webhooks and email alerting
- 30 day log retention



+14-Day Free Trial
No Credit Card Required

- 5 users or automations included
-- $17.99/month/additional user or automation

- 1TB Couchdrop hosted storage
- Bring your own storage
- 1Tb monthly transfer
- SFTP, FTP/S, S3, Rsync
- Secure upload portal
- File automation and workflows
- Automated file transfer between platforms
- 60 day log retention
- SFTP domain customization
- 2FA for web users
- Firewall controls
- Hardened security options
- Automatic PGP encryption/decryption for data at rest
- REST/JSON API available
- Webhooks and email alerting

Business Associate Agreement

contact us
Required for HIPAA compliance.
Additional fees apply.



30 Day Free Trial

Need something a little different? Volume Discount for Users? Unlimited automations? 24/7 Support? Dedicated Instances? Whitelabelling? Malware and virus upload detection?

Send us a message and we can discuss a plan to suit your needs.

Email sales@couchdrop.io

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