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Discover MFT as a Service

The Couchdrop Platform is the only comprehensive Cloud-First MFT solution for all businesses.

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Managed File Transfers Delivered

Couchdrop simplifies MFT (Managed File Transfers) with a comprehensive suite of products covering Transfer Automation, SFTP and FTP, Inboxes, and Mailboxes. 

We are making it easy to exchange files with industry partners.

Scheduled and Automated Transfer Tasks

Cloud SFTP and FTP Connectivity and Delivery

Mailboxes and Inboxes for secure exchange

SOC2 and HIPAA Compliant

SFTP and FTP Access Supported

Couchdrop supports SFTP and FTP out of the box. Making Couchdrop the fastest way to deploy access to files and folders via SFTP and FTP on the market.

Collect Files with Inboxes

Create a secure Mailbox or Inbox to recieve files securely from external partners over the internet.

Automate File Transfers

Couchdrop automates the task of transferring and exchanging files with external partners with transfer tasks. Easy to setup and secure, take the pain out of exchanging data.

MFT with Cloud Storage

Couchdrop works with your existing storage. Connect Dropbox, SharePoint, Google, and others and directly allow access via SFTP. The Couchdrop agent connects to on-prem servers and allows you to move files between your server and your cloud storage.

Over 30 storage integrations supported

Trusted by companies around the world

Companies and partners around the world use and trust Couchdrop to simplify their SFTP and data transfer needs.

Case Study: Contrast Technologies

“Knowing how easy it was, we should have done it sooner.”

“The beauty of it is it blends old world tech with new world tech. We can integrate and talk to legacy protocols but in the back end we’re using the newest tech around file storage. Having that blend is really unheard of.”

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