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No-Code File Transfer Automation

Automate, simplify, secure and streamline your file transfers between cloud drives, servers, public folders and http resources. Couchdrop is the no-code and no-cron solution to automated file transfers.

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Couchdrop cloud SFTP and MFT dashboard

Set and forget file transfers with Automations

Automated file transfers tasks made simple

Couchdrop simplifies workflows by automating your file transfers. Set automations to run on upload, download, or on a set schedule, and never miss an important transfer. Add file actions in the easy-to-use automation builder with support for advanced actions like encrypt/decrypt and webhooks.

Schedule File Transfers

Transfer between servers and cloud storage

Alerting and Reporting

Automatic Encryption and Decryption

Flexible and Easy Scheduling

Couchdrop Automate supports comprehensive scheduling with support for multiple schedules, automatic retries and alerting to ensure that your file transfers run when expected. Easy to setup, scheduling is configured from the Couchdrop web interface and can be easily customised to support your requirements, all without Cron Jobs.

Automate File Actions

With Transfer Automations, files can be renamed, duplicated, timestamped and reorganised with over 15 different operations. Add an automation to sort and organize by name, file type, and other attributes. No code required.

Automate encryption and decryption

Add Encryption and Decryption to your automated transfers with Couchdrop. Couchdrop supports automatic encryption and encryption of files as part of the transfer task.

Manage file lifecycles with expiry and automatic archival

With automatic expiry, your files will be automatically cleaned up or archived. You can configure your automation to delete or move files after a certain time

Transfer Automations - For the cloud

Couchdrop Transfer Automations support cloud storage natively. We built Couchdrop for the cloud and so have built comprehensive support for all the major cloud storage platforms, along with SFTP and FTP servers.

Built to strict security standards

All Couchdrop transfers are encrypted and meet strict security standards to keep your data secure. Your data is never stored either at rest* or in transit, giving you full control.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Encrypted file transfers

Granular access controls

SSO support

Detailed reporting and alerting

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*Data is stored at rest when choosing Couchdrop’s Hosted Storage option.

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