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Couchdrop SFTP
SFTP built for the Cloud

Couchdrop Automate
File automation and workflows to simplify backend file transfers

Couchdrop Inboxes
Simple & secure file retrieval and sharing with Couchdrop Inboxes

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Inboxes and File Requests


Couchdrop makes it easy to request file uploads and create inboxes for file collection with external clients and partners.


file automation and cloud storage gateway

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secure file sharing

Easy file requests

Request files from partners and customers with Couchdrop Inbox.


Inbox works directly with your Cloud storage and provides a simple branded web portal for direct upload into a folder of your choosing.

Share files and folders

Share files externally with shared links.


Shared links can be password protected, expire automatically and can be branded for you. 


secure file transfer


cloud storage portal


Your Branding and Domain

Included in the enterprise plan is complete whitelabelling of the Couchdrop admin interface, and upload/download portal.

You can also bring your own domain and SSL certs if needed. 


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