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Couchdrop - The Data Moving Company

When it comes to file transfers, SFTP is a grounded way to securely transfer files. But it was also clunky to set up and manage, rooted in outdated and complex legacy setups. Couchdrop Limited was founded to change that.


Founded in 2018 in Christchurch NZ–the 2nd largest city with a massive 375k population–The team at Couchdrop has their head in the clouds, but that’s a good thing. Couchdrop’s goal was to get SFTP off the ground and cloud-native, while at the same time making file transfers simple, fast, and versatile.  Transferring between cloud platforms like Dropbox, SharePoint, S3, Azure, and Google Drive shouldn’t take a complex suite of software to be possible, and with Couchdrop it became possible using the intuitive interface.  


With the success of Couchdrop, the Kiwis have taken flight, gaining customers around the world from Oceania to North America to Europe and building an international team to better serve customers. Companies from new startups to Fortune 500 companies are choosing Couchdrop for their data transfer needs. As a true cloud native SaaS platform, Couchdrop transfers 100s of millions of files monthly with its scalable zero-maintenance infrastructure, benefiting companies of all sizes who have the need for a robust SFTP and MFT platform. 


Not satisfied with simply floating along with SFTP, Movebot’s liftoff came from the realization that some of our customers were having a hard time migrating large volumes of data to the cloud. Using the proven foundation of Couchdrop, Movebot was designed as the fastest, most powerful data migration tool available, with the capability to move dozens of terabytes per day between data storage platforms. Thinking of migrating a petabyte of data in a month went from an insurmountable task to something achievable and realistic with Movebot. 


Couchdrop is backed by premier New Zealand Venture Capital and is led by an extremely experienced team of battleridden startup founders and executive leadership with a lean and devoted team. Whether moving files from an on-premises server to the cloud, getting files from one cloud platform to another, or migrating several years worth of data to a new storage platform, Couchdrop and Movebot gives your files wings to glide smoothly to their destination. 


Executive Team


Michael Lawson
Director, CEO & CTO




Chantal Lamontagne
Director & CFO


Lance Wiggs
Director & Investor


Jayden Bartram


Colin Hogg
VP of Sales

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