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Couchdrop as a file automation and ingestion platform

Posted by Jayden Bartram on Jun 8, 2022 12:21:00 PM

A lot of platforms offer automation as a means to bind multiple SaaS applications or third parties. While this suffices for some tasks, the challenge is often seen when a secure file workflow requires automation and transformation on the actual file itself, rather than the content. Solutions like this are often required in banking, finance, insurance, logistics, HR, and healthcare industries as a means to share or exchange files between organizations or systems. Couchdrop works as a file automation and ingestion platform to make these exchanges simple. 


Traditional file automation platforms

Traditionally, file automation platforms are hosted locally and referred to as a managed file transfer platform which could be seen as a glorified SFTP or FTP server with some additional features. These features can help simplify file exchange and offer benefits to make your workflows more efficient. 

When looking for a modern file automation platform or solution it is worth considering if it is cloud hosted and managed, as well as offers modern security functionality, not to mention the automation capability you require.

File automations in Couchdrop

When looking at file automation solutions, Couchdrop is a solid modern solution. Couchdrop is fully cloud hosted and managed (SaaS), cost-effective, and works with your cloud storage (SharePoint, Azure, S3, Dropbox, Google, etc.).

Couchdrop file automation actions

The functionality of Couchdrop as a file automation platform enables you to conduct the following on file workflows (although there are a lot more):

  • Securely pull/push data from a remote location (SFTP/cloud storage) to another location (either remote or local). Example: You could connect an SFTP server and a SharePoint bucket and copy files every hour from SFTP to a SharePoint site.
  • Route files based on conditions to different locations (folders or other storage providers). Example: if two files are dropped, based on the file names one file may go to Dropbox and another may be sent to an SFTP location.
  • Decrypt or encrypt files with PGP on upload or download. Example: A third party may upload a file to you via SFTP that is encrypted with PGP, using Couchdrop this file will arrive in your storage decrypted and ready to go.
  • Compress/Decompress files on upload or download. Example: Someone uploads a compressed file you could decompress it and have the files accessible and ready to go or you could take action on a directory every day to compress all of the files ready for action.
  • Mash the above together. Example: You could pull a compressed folder that contains encrypted files from a remote SFTP server every day to your SharePoint storage and decompress it and decrypt the files ready to go.

Multistep Automations in Couchdrop

Automation triggers

Automations can be based on certain conditions that can or must be met and you can trigger automations in multiple different ways, these are;

  • Based on a time interval, i.e. every 15 minutes, hour, 2 hours, or weeks.
  • By firing at a webhook URI to trigger the automation.
  • Based on an upload or download event, i.e. when someone uploads the files via SFTP take action on those files based on certain conditions.

Methods of ingesting or exchanging files

Couchdrop has several methods of ingesting or exchanging files so you and organizations you work with can choose the best method for your use case. Some of these methods include:

  • Anonymous or user secure portal
  • API — either Couchdrops API or through Couchdrop’s cloud storage integrations
  • SCP
  • Email ingestion

While Couchdrop can act as a fully automated file exchange platform that can complement your workflows and file transfer network, it can also be utilized as a simple cloud SFTP server for your simpler workloads.

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