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Automated file transfers

Make critical, automated, high frequency and secure file transfers with Automate

File automation and workflows to simplify backend file transfers.

Automate file transfers

Transferring sensitive files automatically with Couchdrop is easy. Create a transfer workflow to move files between over 30 different platforms and gain access to the data you need, where you need it.  

Encrypt or decrypt files automatically

With automate, your files can be automatically encrypted or decrypted with PGP in transit.


Put files in the right place

Sort your files automatically with automations. Files can be moved, copied, renamed, duplicated and wrangled until they pop. Add an automation to sort and organize by name, file type and other attributes. No-code required.

Expire and archive files

With automatic expiry, your files will be automatically cleaned up or archived. You can configure your automation to delete or move files after a certain time.

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Set and Forget

Couchdrop is built for humans, not rocket scientists. Easily set up in minutes and gain peace of mind with always-on background monitoring and alerts.

Simple web based management makes it easy to configure and monitor automations.

Modernized MFT as SaaS

Fully hosted, secure, and cloud-native, Couchdrop is built for this century (not the last). Couchdrop is the only SFTP/MFT and file automation platform that works with all cloud platforms so you can transfer files easily between platforms and organizations.

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