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FTP as a Service - In the Cloud

Couchdrop's FTP as a Service platform makes server management a thing of the past.

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What is FTP as a Service

Couchdrop's FTP as a Service is a hyper-scale, modern, and zero-infrastructure FTP server, built to make it easy to automate the transfer of files using FTP and server management, a thing of the past. Couchdrop FTP is easy to manage and works on top of storage platforms like S3, Sharepoint, and Dropbox.

The FTP Server with Zero Infrastructure

Couchdrop FTP as a Service is the Cloud Native SFTP server deployed as a SaaS service. Leave the infrastructure behind and move your FTP server to the cloud.  

No infrastructure to deploy

Global data centres

24/7 access and redundancy

No maintenance and updates

Unlimited storage

FTP with Sharepoint

Fast and easy setup

Connect to SharePoint and 30 other storage platforms and start moving files via FTP in minutes.

Supports FTP clients

Let users connect to your SharePoint through an external FTP client.

Automate file transfers

Automate SFTP file transfers into SharePoint through Automations.

Notification example showing a new file has been received in SharePoint

Why Couchdrop?

SFTP server as SaaS

Couchdrop is a Cloud SFTP server that connects to your existing storage. Instantly deploy SFTP on top of Google Drive, Box, SharePoint and other cloud storage platforms.

Data privacy and security

Couchdrop never stores your data and meets HIPAA and SOC2 standards. All updates and maintenance is handled for you by professional technicians.

Dedicated support

Couchdrop has a dedicated support team of technicians who are experts in the product. Get fast, dedicated, and personalized support by contacting our support team at any time.

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