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Easy Secure File Requests with Inboxes

Empower your team, partners and customers to make SFTP transfers through an intuitive interface.

Share a secure link
Then, upload

Couchdrop makes it simple to request file uploads and enables secure file collection with external clients and partners through a simple web portal.  

It's beautifully simple for your client or partner and can be branded and whitelabelled with your companies design and it works on top of over 30 different cloud and on-premises storage platforms.

Couchdrop transports the files securely over the wire

Couchdrop will then scan, encrypt (or decrypt), route and organize automatically to ensure the file arrives safely at the destination, in the right format, all in the background without manual intervention.

Works with Automate

Once the file is received, route, rename, expire or copy the file to another location ready for processing.

→ Webhooks and Notifications
→ Event Alerting
→ PGP Encryption/Decryption
→ File Copying and Moving
→ File Renaming
→ File Expiry

The file arrives, and you're notified

Couchdrop delivers the file directly to your storage platform and will send you, your partner or your robotic better-half a friendly notification via email, webhooks or Slack.

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Inboxes are Extendable

Security and functionality baked in to make it easy to securely collect files in the browser from external partners.

Restrict Access

Ensure only the right person is sending you files by password protecting your inbox.

Make it Temporary

Set a timed expiry on an inbox to disable it after a period of time.

Securely Share Files and Folders

Have visibility when sharing files through secure shared links. Backed by auditing and logging.

Collect Information with Uploads

Use webforms to collect information that can be used as part of an automation or to organize the files.

Be Informed

Keep up to date with uploads and downloads through email notifications and webhooks.

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