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Add SFTP/FTP to Dropbox and start automating your file transfers

Use Couchdrop to turn your Dropbox into an SFTP client or server with file transfer automations

Get set up and start sending files in minutes.
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Trusted by companies around the world

Companies and partners around the world use and trust Couchdrop to simplify their SFTP and data transfer needs

How does Couchdrop work with Dropbox

Couchdrop adds SFTP functionality to Dropbox, allowing you to give users secure SFTP access to specific Dropbox folders and directories. This enables users to securely upload or download files from Dropbox directly using standard SFTP clients, without having to share Dropbox credentials or use the Dropbox web interface.

With Couchdrop's granular permission controls, you can easily manage user access to Dropbox folders and directories. Couchdrop handles all the underlying integration, security, and scalability, making SFTP to Dropbox simple and reliable.

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Automate SFTP to Dropbox

SFTP to Dropbox made easy

Couchdrop integrates with Dropbox and allows you to send files to and from your Dropbox folders via SFTP.

With support for over 30 storage platforms, Couchdrop makes it simple to transfer files between Dropbox and any other connected storage. Combined with Automations, Couchdrop can monitor directories and automatically send files to Dropbox as they're uploaded or on a set schedule.

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Connect any Dropbox folder

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Granular user controls and permissions

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FTP, SCP, and WebDAV also supported

3 ways to SFTP to Dropbox with Couchdrop

Configure new SFTP user

Access Dropbox via remote SFTP

Couchdrop allows multiple methods for accessing files in connected storage. Create a new Couchdrop user with generated SFTP credentials to enable direct login to Couchdrop or to a Dropbox folder using any SFTP client software.

Collect files with Inboxes

Secure Inboxes provide a custom-branded upload portal where partners and external users can upload files via a unique URL. Inboxes map to a specific Dropbox folder, enabling direct uploads without having to share Dropbox access credentials.

Automate file transfers

Automate File Transfers

With Automations, Couchdrop can monitor directories and automatically send files to Dropbox or any other connected storage whenever an upload/download event occurs or on a defined schedule. Move files to their destination effortlessly and reliably.

Add SFTP Support to Dropbox

Fast and easy setup

Connect Dropbox and start moving files via SFTP in minutes.

Works with any SFTP client

Users can securely access Dropbox from their preferred SFTP client software.

Automate Dropbox file transfers

Use Automations to move files in and out of Dropbox folders, no manual steps required.

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"The product has a clean, simple interface that makes creating new internal or external SFTP connections a breeze."

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Frequently asked questions

Does Dropbox have SFTP?

No, Dropbox does not natively support SFTP. However, you can use third-party services like Couchdrop to add SFTP functionality to Dropbox.

Can Dropbox be used as FTP?

Dropbox does not natively support FTP. You can use third-party services such as Couchdrop to enable FTP access to Dropbox.

How does Couchdrop integrate with Dropbox?

Couchdrop adds SFTP functionality to Dropbox, allowing users to securely upload or download files from Dropbox folders using standard SFTP clients, without needing to share Dropbox credentials or use the Dropbox web interface.

What storage platforms does Couchdrop support besides Dropbox?

Couchdrop supports over 30 storage platforms, including SharePoint and AWS S3, enabling simple file transfers between Dropbox and other connected storage systems.

Why choose Couchdrop?

Couchdrop is a secure, scalable and modern SFTP and file transfer platform built for streamlined setup.
It's an SFTP server that just works.

SFTP server as SaaS

Couchdrop is a Cloud SFTP server that connects to your existing storage. Instantly deploy SFTP on top of Google Drive, Box, SharePoint and other cloud storage platforms.

Data privacy and security

Couchdrop never stores your data and meets HIPAA and SOC2 standards. All updates and maintenance is handled for you by professional technicians.

Dedicated support

Couchdrop has a dedicated support team of technicians who are experts in the product. Get fast, dedicated, and personalized support by contacting our support team at any time.

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