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Cloud Storage - SFTP Gateway
Turn Dropbox into a SFTP server. Couchdrop works with your storage

Users and Access Controls
Configure additional users, read only accounts and complex permissions

Developer Friendly
Learn about our API, webhooks and integrations

Virtual Data Room
The data room includes an upload/download portal, secure links and other features
to help clients send you data

Customisable and Enterprise Ready
Dedicated instances, whitelabelling and enterprise security features

Security Center
Security Overview GDPR Compliance HIPAA Compliance Frequently Asked Questions
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SFTP Cloud Storage Gateway

Connect to like a file server

Couchdrop's Cloud SFTP is not just SFTP. Couchdrop also supports SFTP, FTP/S, FTP, SCP, Rsync, S3, Webdav and a Secure Web Portal which allows you to connect to any cloud storage platform with ease.

#> scp superfile.txt user@scp.couchdrop.io:/dropbox
#> sftp user@sftp.couchdrop.io:/dropbox
sftp> put superfile.txt
#> ftp ftp.couchdrop.io
ftp> username: user
ftp> password:
ftp> put superfile.txt /dropbox
#> rsync -a -e ssh superfile.txt username@rsync.couchdrop.io:

Supports your cloud environment

Couchdrop will connect to virtually all cloud storage platforms to provide a SFTP/FTP gateway into your cloud. Use Dropbox, S3 and others directly via SFTP.

+ Azure Files



Google Cloud Storage

IDrive Cloud

Data straight to your storage

When bringing your own storage, Couchdrop does not store or sync data to your third party cloud endpoint. Couchdrop pushes data directly to your cloud in real-time. Couchdrop is a front-end that helps you and your clients securely interact with data, in your cloud.

Hosted storage available if you need it

As well as working with your existing cloud storage, Couchdrop provides hosted storage with all plans. 

With hosted storage, we store your files in either Wasabi or Amazon S3, with SSE-C encryption and composite keys stored in encrypted form.

It's also unlimited and infinitely scalable.

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