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The Cloud SFTP server

Instantly deploy a fully hosted SFTP server on-top of your cloud storage

Couchdrop provides a fully hosted, scalable, redundant cloud SFTP server.

One click SFTP as SaaS

Couchdrop SFTP is the Cloud Native SFTP server deployed as a SaaS service. Leave the servers behind and move your SFTP/FTP workloads to the cloud.  

No infrastructure to deploy
Global data centres
24/7 access and redundancy
No maintenance and updates
Dedicated POP’s available if needed

Connect your storage

Couchdrop works with Cloud Storage. Connect Dropbox, Sharepoint or any other platform directly allowing access via SFTP and FTPs. We don’t store your data — it stays in your environment and you own it.

Over 30 Storage Integrations Supported

Configure it via the web

Sick of config files? We are too. Managing Couchdrop is done in our modern, secure browser based admin interface.

Easy web-based management
SSO Included
Fully featured API

Lock it down with comprehensive security controls

Couchdrop provides comprehensive security controls, all easily managed on a granular level from our secure web interface.

Firewall controls
Easy user management
Extensive auditing and reporting
User expiry
Protocol restrictions
Disable insecure protocols
RSA key authentication

Connect and transfer

Connect, share and invite your team to start transferring via SFTP. Couchdrop will provide you with your own domain which can be whitelabelled and customised and you can start transferring files immediately.

#> ftp ftp.couchdrop.io
ftp> username: user
ftp> password:
ftp> put superfile.txt /dropbox

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Built to strict security standards

Couchdrop maintains strict security standards and works hard to ensure your data is secure.

SOC2 and HIPAA compliant

Regular penetration testing

Grandular access controls

Full SSO support

Detailed reporting and alerting

Automate actions

Couchdrop Automate is fully loaded with a comprehensive set of file actions, allowing you to automate and manage data flows easily.

Copy File
Move File
Encrypt/Decrypt File
Delete File
Fire Webhook
Rename File

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