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Using Couchdrop for Healthcare File Transfers

Posted by Dallen Clark on Jun 8, 2023 1:23:00 PM

Companies involved with healthcare data have important responsibilities to keep data safe. If sensitive healthcare information is exposed, individuals can have their records stolen and used in a number of adverse ways. One of the most common places where this information is vulnerable is when the files are in transit, and transferring files is unavoidable. So how can you make sure healthcare file transfers are done safely and securely?


Healthcare files are some of the most challenging to move, particularly when dealing with protected HIPAA data. At Couchdrop, we’re serious about privacy and data security. Our secure SFTP and managed file transfer system is fast, secure, and easy to use to take the complications out of your healthcare file transfers.

Bring your own storage

Many healthcare companies that get in contact with us ask us about how we store their data. While Couchdrop hosted storage is an option, the main draw is that we never need to store it at all.

One of the primary benefits of using Couchdrop for healthcare transfers is that you connect your own storage source and destination platforms. Then you simply use Couchdrop’s transfers as a facilitator to transfer files between the two systems. Couchdrop will pull files from one storage platform and send it to another, but you always have full control and management of your data.

Dedicated HIPAA-compliant architecture

Protecting HIPAA data is vital to any organization involved, including Couchdrop as a cloud SFTP and managed file transfer platform. As a cloud service provider, we are responsible for safeguarding PHI in transit and have robust encryption and security policies to minimize the potential for a data breach.

With a dedicated HIPAA-compliant architecture used exclusively for HIPAA customers, healthcare data is kept safe through top-level encryption that meets HIPAA and HITECH standards. Couchdrop also signs a Business Associate Agreement with any company needing to send HIPAA data using our services.

Because of the additional security, safeguards, and ensuring that data never leaves the US, using Couchdrop’s HIPAA-compliant architecture does come with an additional cost. To find out more about how Couchdrop works with HIPAA data, see our white paper HIPAA Compliance for Cloud Service Providers, or email us for details on pricing and other information.

Download white paper: HIPAA Compliance for Cloud Service Providers

How are healthcare organizations using Couchdrop to transfer healthcare files?

There are many situations where healthcare organizations need to transfer health information between different systems. Some questions that come up frequently are if Couchdrop can safely handle unusual file types used in the industry, if important healthcare files can be sent regularly on a set schedule, and if Couchdrop can handle advanced security protocols used in the healthcare industry.

Transferring Unusual file types

Have file types that aren’t in .doc .jpg or .mp4? In healthcare, we know that there are many unusual and unique file types like .dcm, .4DV, and .sct. And it’s essential these files can be moved to where they need to be.

Some platforms have trouble transferring large or uncommon file types like DICOM imagery, but it’s no problem with Couchdrop. Whether your healthcare organization sends small HL7 files occasionally or needs to push through X-ray or MRI data several times a day, Couchdrop can get your files where they need to be.

Sending files on a set schedule

In healthcare, some files need to be sent on a regular basis, and it’s important that they arrive at their destination at a set time. Files like daily chart notes or electronic lab results might need to go across different systems to reach the right people at the right time.

Couchdrop can sort these situations automatically using workflows and has multiple ways to move files in a timely manner using automations. One option is to monitor a directory so that an action happens when a file is uploaded or downloaded from a specific folder. Another option is triggering an action like a file transfer at a set time, like every day at the close of business. This will ensure files that need to be transferred on a regular schedule do so using Couchdrop’s set-and-forget functionality.

Working with advanced security protocols

Because healthcare data needs to meet the highest standards of protection, there have been some instances when healthcare partners have elevated security protocols like long, uncrackable passwords.

Couchdrop can support any password length for user accounts and also includes a PGP Encryption and PGP Decryption option as part of workflows. Users can have Couchdrop create keys and have Couchdrop decrypt them in a later step, or bring their own keys and provide the private key and passphrase as part of the workflow setup.

Try Couchdrop free for 14-days

Not sure if Couchdrop will work for your requirements? You can try Couchdrop free for 14 days without the need to enter a credit card. You can test connecting different source and destination platforms, including the Windows/OSX agent which will install in many legacy and proprietary medical systems so you can transfer files to and from them.

If you’re considering using Couchdrop for sending protected health information, get in touch with our team or set up a call and we’ll let you know more and what’s required from all parties to safely transfer HIPAA data.

Try Couchdrop free for 14 days, no credit card required.

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