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Dropbox FTP and SFTP

Posted by Jayden Bartram on Dec 21, 2021 5:00:00 PM


SFTP with Dropbox using Couchdrop

Couchdrop acts as a layer or conduit that sits on top of your Dropbox or Dropbox Business and enables you to create secure users who can interact with isolated folders within your Dropbox via traditional FTP, SFTP, and FTP/S. Couchdrop removes the need for you to manage your own infrastructure as it is fully hosted and configuration only takes a couple of minutes.

Couchdrop integrates directly with Dropbox and Dropbox Business so you can have full control of having external clients connect to a specific folder (or folders) within your personal Dropbox, a user or a team drive under your Dropbox Business account. The platform also offers file automation and workflows so that you can work with PGP or import files automatically from an SFTP server (or another cloud) into your Dropbox based on a webhook or based on time.

Quick guide to connecting to Dropbox via SFTP

To get started you will require both a Dropbox account and a Couchdrop account. Then it’s a case of following the below steps:

  1. Connect your Dropbox to Couchdrop
  2. Configure additional user(s)
  3. Connect via FTP, SFTP or FTP/S

Step 1. Connect your Dropbox to Couchdrop

Navigate to your Storage Connections within Couchdrop’s admin console and add a new storage connection. Select Dropbox (or Dropbox Business) and login via the OAuth window. You can also specify a specific folder within Dropbox to use as your root for the mount.

Connecting Couchdrop to Dropbox for FTP and SFTP

Step 2. Configure an additional user

Next jump to the User Accounts tab under Couchdrop’s admin console and create a new user. This user will need at a minimum, a username, password and to have your chosen protocol enabled. It is also recommended you select an isolated root folder for the user for security purposes.

Creating an SFTP User


Step 3. Connect via FTP, SFTP or FTP/S

Using your primary URL, the above-created user can now connect and interact with your Dropbox through your chosen protocol. You can also create a CNAME DNS record to customize the primary domain your customers connect to. The user can also connect through the Couchdrop interface or an SFTP client. 

Signing into Couchdrop SFTP Remotely

If you simply need a file ingestion platform, Your external clients could also upload files for you to collect via Couchdrop’s secure upload portal or even email files directly into a specific Dropbox folder.

For more information or to get started jump across to couchdrop.io or for more guides see community.couchdrop.io.

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