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SFTP for Microsoft GCC High Cloud

Posted by Jayden Bartram on Feb 28, 2022 3:25:00 PM

Microsoft GCC High Cloud has been designed and implemented for the US Department of Defence (DoD) and organizations that hold or process the DoD’s information or are subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations. As part of this, there is the need to work with data (both send and receive) in a secure manner. Due to this requirement, SFTP is a preferred protocol when working with sensitive information. Couchdrop's robust security and infrastructure make it a suitable solution for Government needing a secure file transfer solution.


Full control of your data with Couchdrop

When looking at solutions in the market it is important to ensure that your data is secure at all stages of the data lifecycle. One way of ensuring this is to have full control of your data at rest, as well as being able to trust the software that is actually transferring the data and acting as the gateway.

For this, you can consider Couchdrop’s Cloud SFTP and MFT solution a secure platform through its SOC2 compliance and ability to run in any cloud infrastructure. But more importantly, all data at rest is controlled and owned by your organization within your already established storage platform (SharePoint, Azure Blob or File).

Couchdrop does not store, sync or hold any of your data. As the data is processed, it is streamed in real-time to your storage endpoint completely using memory, nothing remains once the transfer has completed. This ensures that your data is only stored where you want it to be.

Adding Users in Couchdrop for SFTP

Remain compliant 

Another benefit is that Couchdrop is fully cloud-native and its public infrastructure will not do for GCC compliance. With this Couchdrop’s Cloud SFTP and MFT solution can remain fully hosted and managed, but in your cloud platform of choice, in this case it can be hosted in Azure’s infrastructure meaning that your solution remains compliant at all stages of its life cycle.


Some Couchdrop Storage Integrations that can connect with SFTP

Control over users, data, and more

Other functionality that is required for GCC is the integration with federated services to have a single point of truth and centralized control for user accounts to simplify the onboarding, auditing and off-boarding of new clients and partners. Additionally, with Couchdrop’s Cloud SFTP and MFT, you can route all logging and events to a SIEM for a single plane of visibility and continuous monitoring of your data workflows.

Given the need for SFTP and GCC it is worth reaching out to sales@couchdrop.io to discuss more. You can email us for more information or access security-related information in our Security Center

For more information and more guides see community.couchdrop.io. You can also try Couchdrop free for 14 days with no credit card required with a free trial. Sign up now to get started. 


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