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Cloud hosted SFTP and FTP (SFTP as a Service)

Posted by Jayden Bartram on Apr 12, 2022 7:30:00 AM

Moving infrastructure to the cloud and you don’t want to either host and manage your own SFTP server or open your cloud infrastructure up to the public for file transfer? Look no further, see how Couchdrop’s Cloud SFTP server makes it easy to set up an SFTP server in minutes with no server provisioning and you can use your own cloud storage for data at rest if you want to. Having SFTP as a service offers many benefits, and Couchdrop has the additional advantage of connecting directly to your existing storage. 


Couchdrop cloud hosted SFTP and FTP

Couchdrop is a fully SaaS, SOC2, and HIPAA-compliant, solution that enables you to use SFTP with your cloud storage (Dropbox, SharePoint, Azure, Google Drive, etc.) as well as provides automation capabilities (PGP decryption, file replication, renaming, and more) and granular notification functionality through web-hooks and email alerts.

It is also worth noting that while Couchdrop allows you as an organization to bring your own storage, Couchdrop also provides its own secure hosted storage for simplicity and to truly have your entire secure file transfer solution hosted and managed. Hosted storage is included as part of any Couchdrop subscription. 

With Couchdrop there is no server provisioning and getting your organization set up and running takes five minutes and can be done in less than three steps; Create an account, connect storage, and create SFTP users for connecting. You can create additional users and update permissions right in the intuitive web interface for simple management. 

User Management in Couchdrop-1

Affordable and versatile cloud-hosted SFTP

From a commercial point of view, Couchdrop is cost-effective with a simple base plan that allows for SFTP that works with your cloud storage. Automations and Inboxes further expand capabilities by allowing you to automate your file transfers between your storage platforms. 

When it comes to security and compliance Couchdrop is a SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant platform that also holds a UK National Cyber Security Center — Cyber Essentials certification. As well, for peace of mind, if bringing your own storage Couchdrop does not store or sync your files at any stage as they are streamed in real-time, within memory, to your chosen cloud storage platform. Learn more about Couchdrop’s security posture on our Security page.

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