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Couchdrop Blog

Learn about Couchdrop from the team.

File Transfers from NetSuite to SharePoint

Need to do file transfers from NetSuite to SharePoint? See how to make those transfers quick and easy!

Connecting Couchdrop SFTP with SharePoint

Connecting Couchdrop SFTP with SharePoint is quick and simple and allows access to a connected SharePoint site via SFTP once configured.

File Automations with SharePoint

Couchdrop’s file automations let you move, encrypt, rename files, and more, and integrates directly with SharePoint and other storage platforms.

Simplifying tasks with Couchdrop Automations

Automations are a relatively new feature in Couchdrop that offers a simple way to automate file transfers and common actions on files and data streams.

Couchdrop: Workflows unleashed!

Couchdrop's Workflows are the tool you need to keep getting the most out of your connected repositories without doing the hard work manually.

Automated File Transfers and SharePoint

Couchdrop can improve workflows through auomtated file transfers with SharePoint, which you can setup through the intuitive Couchdrop web interface.

Syncing a Dropbox Folder to SharePoint

Setting up a one-way sync from a Dropbox Folder to SharePoint is quick and easy thanks to Couchdrop's robust automation system.

CrushFTP alternative — Couchdrop Cloud SFTP and File Automation Platform

Couchdrop is a CrushFTP alternative that meets many of the same compliance standards CrushFTP users must adhere to for secure file transfers.

What is Managed File Transfer (MFT)?

Couchdrop is a Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform, but what exactly does that mean? We break down what an MFT is and how they can help organizations.

What is SFTP Automation?

Heard about SFTP automation and wondering what it means? We go into detail about SFTP Automation and how it can help improve your file transfer workflows.

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