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CrushFTP alternative — Couchdrop Cloud SFTP and File Automation Platform

Posted by Jayden Bartram on Jul 7, 2022 12:15:00 PM

CrushFTP has been a well-used platform for years across multiple industries, especially in Government and other heavily compliance-based organizations. As organizations seek to adopt fully cloud and managed solutions as part of cloud migration projects, the need for a modernized solution to be adaptive and meet modern workload requirements is a must.


Couchdrop as a CrushFTP alternative

Couchdrop’s Cloud SFTP and File Automation platform has been fast growing and is continuing to trend as a high performer amongst its long-standing peers in the market. The solution is cloud-first and a fully managed and hosted software as a service, meaning the end user simply has to administer the product, rather than worry about infrastructure, software updates, or security and compliance.

Couchdrop satisfies the markets need for a fully hosted Cloud FTP/SFTP solution that sits as a secure gateway on top of an enterprises cloud storage; whether this be Azure, SharePoint, S3, Dropbox, or something in between, which means that an organization has full visibility, ownership, and control of data at rest. The FTP/SFTP solution provides a simple web UI for managing users, permissions, reporting, and auditing as well as notifications of files and product usage.

Couchdrop Adding Users

Couchdrop workflows and automations

When it comes to a more modern approach as a managed file transfer (MFT) or file automation platform, Couchdrop offers functionality around file workflows and automation. This could be as simple as a rename action after a file has been uploaded or as complex as decrypting files with PGP, then routing files to different locations based on filenames or other conditions.

If automated file transfer is a requirement then Couchdrop can facilitate the automated exchange of files between cloud storage providers or remote SFTP/FTP locations and cloud storage. What this means is that an organization can configure a regular exchange of files between an SFTP location and SharePoint, Azure Blob and a File Server (bring the cloud to your file server) or an S3 bucket and Box, and take further actions such as the PGP encryption, file compression or copying archives to multiple directories or platforms.

Dropbox to SharePoint AutomationCouchdrop also offers inbox functionality on top of an organization’s storage, this enables the simple retrieval of ad-hoc files directly through email attachments or either a secure or anonymous web upload portal. This ability has been seen as a crucial offering for less technical users on both the sending side and also the retrieval side.

An end user can simply email attachments to a secure email address, or upload attachments through the web portal and files appear in a location such as a SharePoint folder that is then synced to end user machines to be utilized. All through these methods there is full auditing and logging support, as well as notifications.

A custom-branded upload portal in CouchdropCouchdrop meets several compliance standards

A paramount component to opting for a secure file transfer vendor who you trust with your most sensitive and time-critical files is the need for security and compliance. Couchdrop is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant, UK NCSC Cyber Essentials certified, and also complies with the likes of GDPR and CCPA. Through the nature of it being cloud availability is always highly redundant and updates can be distributed immediately without disruption to business operations.

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