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Couchdrop Blog

Learn about Couchdrop from the team.

FTP as a Service (FTPaaS)

What is FTP as a Service (FTPaaS) and how is it different from traditional FTP? We break down the differences and some advantages of FTPaaS here.

Secure file transfer with Google Drive, Dropbox & more

Looking for a method for secure file transfers with Google Drive, Dropbox, and more? Couchdrop makes file transfers between cloud storage simple.

SFTP passthrough to FTP server

Working with a system that only supports FTP? Couchdrop can help with SFTP Passthrough to an FTP Server. Find out more about this setup here.

Bridging systems via email ingestion and Secure FTP

Couchdrop allows you to bridge systems via email ingestion and Secure FTP and can automate the process with the robust Automation system.

CrushFTP alternative — Couchdrop Cloud SFTP and File Automation Platform

Couchdrop is a CrushFTP alternative that meets many of the same compliance standards CrushFTP users must adhere to for secure file transfers.

What is Managed File Transfer (MFT)?

Couchdrop is a Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform, but what exactly does that mean? We break down what an MFT is and how they can help organizations.

Update: S3 connectivity support for Couchdrop

Couchdrop now supports S3 connections, meaning that you can easily move files from S3 to SharePoint, Dropbox, and other supported platforms.

How to set up an SFTP server

Want to know how to set up an SFTP server? It's never been easier thanks to Couchdrop. It only takes a minute and is all done through our web interface.

Update: Expire user accounts automatically in Couchdrop SFTP

Couchdrop has added a new feature for user accounts. You can now configure any new users you create to automatically after a certain amount of time.

How to upload media from a camera to Backblaze B2 via SFTP and FTP

Looking for an easy solution on how to upload media from a camera to Backblaze B2 via SFTP and FTP? See how Couchdrop makes this process simple.